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Improving our environment is important to all of us. We are part of the environment in which we live and interact. Get involved and learn how to help improve many aspects of the local environment at SCE.

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Community means meeting new friends, helping each other, and achieving success for communal projects. SCE has its own friendly community which interacts with many local communities in different areas.

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We value food highly at SCE, especially organic food from our local sites. If you would like to grow your own food, or are interested in keeping bees, or wish to learn about permaculture generally, learn how at SCE.

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You and SCE

you and SCE

However you would like to get involved, there's always something for you at SCE. You can learn organic gardening on our community allotments; you can help make products like delicious jams and chutneys; you can learn about bees and honey and bee-keeping; and you can help sell our food through our local outlets, our events days, and other local Green fairs and events.

For those who want something more challenging, you can learn orchard and woodland and wildlife management, recycling, and sustainability building. Our members are friendly and enthusiastic - come and join us now!

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Tomfoolery for Orchards

Tomfoolery for OrchardsSCE are pleased to present the Tomfoolery books. A decade-long copiously illustrated account in three seasons of the lore, songs, games, events, ecology, wildlife conservation, and the food and drink and community involvement that make up the tale of Northampton's Community Orchards.

112 pages over 3 volumes
£2.50 each, £6 for all 3 available at all SCE events.